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8 – Division In The Household

By D R | October 21, 2016

After climbing the stairs at full tilt we burst out into an open foyer that had two elevator doors at the far end and a cheap-looking plastic imitation veneer reception desk. Off this same area were several office doors. Seeing … Continued

skulls zombie apocalypse killing

Zombie Apocalypse Killing – When will it change?

By D R | October 20, 2016

We’ve all read books or watched films that involve Zombie Apocalypse killing – including murder and self-defence. When will killing differentiate, changing from self-defence to murder, at least as far as the social norm? There are always exceptions to the … Continued

7 – Prêt  Survivre, Anyone?

By D R | October 14, 2016

Trudging up the road we began to see people rushing out onto the street. Some were flailing at themselves desperately trying to put out the fire that had engulfed them having been caught up in the conflagration. Others seemed oblivious … Continued

maidenhead zombie walk 2016

Maidenhead Zombie Walk 2016

By D R | October 11, 2016

It’s that time again – the season of good fun. The Maidenhead Zombie Walk is back! Make sure you are there, unless you aren’t dead yet! THE HORDES RETURN TO MAIDENHEAD WITH A TOWN HALL TAKEOVER! Date: Saturday 29th October. … Continued

6 – Frying Pan or Fire – You Choose

By D R | October 7, 2016

By the time we crossed the river we could hear steady gunfire starting up again, presumably at the crowd coming up from the south. The sci-fi buzzing of the drone’s guns could also be heard as they dealt death and … Continued

5 – Puppet Master

By D R | September 30, 2016

Arriving at Lambeth Bridge, we discovered our route along the embankment was blocked by the military standing shoulder to shoulder on the far side of the roundabout, guns ready with bayonets fixed. In spite of the fact that they had … Continued

4 – Questions Answered

By D R | September 30, 2016

Becky looked at me and I could see abject fear on her face – I knew she agreed with my decision because I struggled to keep up with her on our devil-chased retreat. My girl was never normally one to … Continued

3 – Unanswered Questions

By D R | September 30, 2016

Together we walked – I hobbled – back to the bright yellow fibreglass security hut and Pius opened the door. “Come in and sit down,” he instructed me. Still feeling weak from my encounter I did as he ordered, grateful … Continued

2 – More Signs

By D R | September 30, 2016

Not wanting to mix it with the millions of tourists Brexit brought us this summer we had already agreed on dodging them by crossing the river at Vauxhall. This way we would remain well clear of them at least until … Continued

1 – In The Beginning – Clueless

By D R | September 30, 2016

Let me explain why I’m twelve storeys up, on the outside of a building and about to do something completely insane. Hello Dear Reader, My name is Emile – but I’m not French; I have this name because my mother … Continued

zombie apocalypse

Surviving The Apocalypse – Is It a Rich Man’s Game?

By D R | September 18, 2016

One of my readers, @GirlsWhoHunt1 (thank you), brought a rather interesting product set to my attention. Things like this make me wonder if surviving the apocalypse is a rich man’s game. I don’t believe I can make a judgement on … Continued

New Zombie Story

By D R | September 4, 2016

At long last I have the time to write a new Zombie story! Following on from the successful series, The Common Cold, I am writing about the Zombie Apocalypse as it begins in London. I will be producing one or … Continued

1984 has Arrived

By D R | August 8, 2016

1984 has arrived and we didn’t even see it coming. The book, 1984 by George Orwell is still a great piece of social comment and analysis. Along with ‘Animal Farm‘ in which he depicts a world where ‘we are all … Continued

Democracy at work

Democracy – According to ?

By D R | June 28, 2016

You older folk out there, those that suddenly became traitors for voting, you might be mistaken for thinking that what is going on out there is not exactly your understanding of the word democracy, a word many younger people bandy … Continued

Science Fiction Influences Reality – True or False?

By D R | April 17, 2016

All in all I am not as convinced that Science Fiction influences reality – our lives – as much as we think – or would like to think. It’s the old argument of life imitating art or vice versa. I … Continued

Vampire-Graves Drawska Poland sickle the walking dead

Walking Dead

By D R | January 1, 2016

Legends of the walking dead have been with us for a long time, some as recent as 300 or so years ago. Are they legends or is there a reason to be careful when walking among the dead? While I … Continued

The Common Cold - Playing God zombies zombie apocalypse contagion david k roberts

The Common Cold: Playing God

By D R | December 29, 2015

Playing God has been a long time coming – I blame having to pay the mortgage and eating. As a result of many requests I have written a book that covers off some of the questions raised by my readers. … Continued

vaucluse sydney australia playing god zombies the common cold

Spin-off Zombie Book To Be Published

By D R | November 13, 2015

Due to work constraints it has taken a little longer than usual to produce another book. Very soon a spin-off from The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle will be published. You might like to come up to speed on The … Continued

the oppidum homes in the apocalypse underground plan

Apocalypse Homes – The Ultimate In Long-term Defence

By D R | November 11, 2015

Wow. There’re few other words that adequately describe what I read the other day. I’ve written about apocalypse homes before now, more than once in fact. I’ve discussed remote, deep underground, and living on the sea, but this takes the … Continued

plasma engines Ion-Engine-Test-Firing

Plasma Engines – Who’d ’A Thought it?

By D R | November 11, 2015

I remember when I first watched Star Trek – I love the idea of those engines on the USS Enterprise. They had apparently no visible means of propulsion apart from the central hull with what looked like it had a … Continued

apocalyptic landscape TWD zombie apocalypse

Apocalyptic Landscape – What Will It Look Like?

By D R2 | October 14, 2015

Many of us have a fascination about the Apocalypse, how will we survive, what will we eat, drink, and the beigest question of all will be – will it even be possible to survive after such an all-encompassing event? Few … Continued

how do zombies see

How Do Zombies See?

By D R2 | October 4, 2015

I know that every one of us has asked that question at one time or another. Assuming brain function even at the lowest possible level is achievable, how can the eyes actually do their job? Just how do zombies see … Continued

wasteland post-apocalyptic party

Post-Apocalyptic Party!

By D R2 | September 30, 2015

Why is (almost) everything bigger in America? Is it because they have more land? Or is it because they embrace things and ideas more fiercely? Everything post-apocalyptic seems to be a special favourite these days. The latest news is that … Continued

Maunsell forts Red sands forts

Bolt Holes in the Zombie Apocalypse

By D R2 | September 28, 2015

Just when I think I have the ideal solution to surviving in the Zombie Apocalypse, along comes another great idea or discovery! It seems that finding bolt holes in the zombie apocalypse is only limited by your imagination and personal … Continued

Superyacht - go anywhere homes in the apocalypse

Homes In The Apocalypse

By D R2 | September 27, 2015

I take it all back! While I have done several articles on suitable homes in the apocalypse, none of them have come close to the potential ideal as this one. What is it that has walls thick enough to repel … Continued

night of the living dead weakest link in the zombie apocalypse spin-off

The Zombie Apocalypse – Are You Fit Enough?

By D R2 | September 26, 2015

I’ve spent 30 years in the IT industry. As a result I’ve lost the fitness I had when I was younger; all those hours spent in front of the computer have definitely told on me. I’ve tried gyms, jogging, pretty … Continued

Action Mobil Global XRS 7200

Underground Survival – Redundant in the ZA

By D R2 | September 25, 2015

How many of us have read articles on survivalists who have spent a fortune to create what is essentially a hole in the ground? I’ve even written one or two myself. Is Underground survival in the ZA the best way … Continued

ApocalypZe 6 Hour Charity Extreme Horror Survival Event charity event

Apocalypse Event Of The Year

By D R2 | September 18, 2015

If You Think You’re ‘Ard Enough 🙂 Coming up on the 10th October, 2015, the Apocalypse event of the year – the ApocalypZe 6 Hour Charity Extreme Horror Survival Event. So What’s This Apocalypse Event About? It’s about charirty! It’s … Continued

maidenhead Zombie Walk Image

Maidenhead Zombie Walk

By D R2 | September 3, 2015

Once again the Maidenhead Zombie Walk us coming up. It’s a yearly event in which zombies descend upon Maidenhead high street around Halloween! There’s an after party & loads of family fun! The next event takes part on Saturday the … Continued

blowing powder uses for scopolamine

Scopolamine Uses – Become A Zombie

By D R2 | September 3, 2015

Who here hasn’t taken scopolamine at one time or another? Scopolamine uses – what are they? It has many mundane and valid uses, such as for seasickness, or perhaps relaxing you enough to get on an aeroplane when you’re scared … Continued