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I am up to Chapter 21 of my new online scifi horror book. With a hint of the right direction from an unexpected source, our survivors relax, admittedly aided by alcohol - but not for long.

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New Book – Squatters

By D R | December 16, 2018

Many have written about the End of Days, none of them got it right. The Apocalypse was zombie, for sure. Read Squatters on Amazon for the real facts.

12 – Bridging The Gap

By D R | November 18, 2016

Pius unceremoniously skewered the helmsman standing in the wheelhouse from behind, thrusting up into the brain and taking whatever life it possessed, after which we threw the flaccid corpse unceremoniously overboard. I looked at where he had been standing and saw that the key was still in the ignition, a small, yellow plastic Homer Simpson … Read more12 – Bridging The Gap

11 – Taking In The Sights

By D R | November 11, 2016

It was weird but as we ran for the trees I kept on thinking how this place looked in normal times – filled with office workers, civil servants, tourists, protesters, and the encampments of long term political complainants. All of that was now gone, in its place huge amounts of rubbish, torn down tents, discarded … Read more11 – Taking In The Sights

10 – Once More Unto The Breach

By D R | November 4, 2016

Looking out of the window in the stairwell we could see that the zombie herd had moved away, probably inflicting misery and terror wherever they went. “Now’s our time to leave,” Pius suggested. “Where are you going?” Vlad asked. “He has to get to his family in Woolwich,” Becky piped up. “We’re going with him.” … Read more10 – Once More Unto The Breach

9 – The Rise And Fall – And Rise – of Sneaky Bastard

By D R | October 28, 2016

Sneaky Bastard was right behind me. In spite of his drugged up state he’d managed stealth in spite of my precautions. The squaddie’s gun was pointing unerringly between my eyes – it was one of my worst moments in the early apocalypse. My fear for Becky was intense; I didn’t want these bastards to harm … Read more9 – The Rise And Fall – And Rise – of Sneaky Bastard

8 – Division In The Household

By D R | October 21, 2016

After climbing the stairs at full tilt we burst out into an open foyer that had two elevator doors at the far end and a cheap-looking plastic imitation veneer reception desk. Off this same area were several office doors. Seeing this floor I was dismayed. If we sought safety in one of these rooms we … Read more8 – Division In The Household

7 – Prêt  Survivre, Anyone?

By D R | October 14, 2016

Trudging up the road we began to see people rushing out onto the street. Some were flailing at themselves desperately trying to put out the fire that had engulfed them having been caught up in the conflagration. Others seemed oblivious to the consuming flames and when I ran over to one to offer assistance he … Read more7 – Prêt  Survivre, Anyone?

maidenhead zombie walk 2016

Maidenhead Zombie Walk 2016

By D R | October 11, 2016

It’s that time again – the season of good fun. The Maidenhead Zombie Walk is back! Make sure you are there, unless you aren’t dead yet! THE HORDES RETURN TO MAIDENHEAD WITH A TOWN HALL TAKEOVER! Date: Saturday 29th October. Start Time: From 1pm Location: From The Bell PKB The Maidenhead Zombie Walk, now in … Read moreMaidenhead Zombie Walk 2016

6 – Frying Pan or Fire – You Choose

By D R | October 7, 2016

By the time we crossed the river we could hear steady gunfire starting up again, presumably at the crowd coming up from the south. The sci-fi buzzing of the drone’s guns could also be heard as they dealt death and destruction from above. I wondered if the ‘Battle of Lambeth’ would be remembered like 9/11 … Read more6 – Frying Pan or Fire – You Choose

5 – Puppet Master

By D R | September 30, 2016

Arriving at Lambeth Bridge, we discovered our route along the embankment was blocked by the military standing shoulder to shoulder on the far side of the roundabout, guns ready with bayonets fixed. In spite of the fact that they had tank back up even from this distance I could see apprehension in each man’s eyes … Read more5 – Puppet Master

4 – Questions Answered

By D R | September 30, 2016

Becky looked at me and I could see abject fear on her face – I knew she agreed with my decision because I struggled to keep up with her on our devil-chased retreat. My girl was never normally one to do as she was told – or maybe it was just with me, I don’t … Read more4 – Questions Answered

3 – Unanswered Questions

By D R | September 30, 2016

Together we walked – I hobbled – back to the bright yellow fibreglass security hut and Pius opened the door. “Come in and sit down,” he instructed me. Still feeling weak from my encounter I did as he ordered, grateful to be off my leg – the cut was beginning to ache and sting like … Read more3 – Unanswered Questions

2 – More Signs

By D R | September 30, 2016

Not wanting to mix it with the millions of tourists Brexit brought us this summer we had already agreed on dodging them by crossing the river at Vauxhall. This way we would remain well clear of them at least until we reached Westminster. Unwittingly we’d finally done something right. Hand in hand we trekked briskly … Read more2 – More Signs

1 – In The Beginning – Clueless

By D R | September 30, 2016

Let me explain why I’m twelve storeys up, on the outside of a building and about to do something completely insane. Hello Dear Reader, My name is Emile – but I’m not French; I have this name because my mother always wanted to learn French but never managed, so my name had to suffice. Although … Read more1 – In The Beginning – Clueless

New Zombie Story

By D R | September 4, 2016

At long last I have the time to write a new Zombie story! Following on from the successful series, The Common Cold, I am writing about the Zombie Apocalypse as it begins in London. I will be producing one or two chapters a week, depending on my work/life balance. I hope you enjoy it and … Read moreNew Zombie Story

Science Fiction Influences Reality – True or False?

By D R | April 17, 2016

All in all I am not as convinced that Science Fiction influences reality – our lives – as much as we think – or would like to think. It’s the old argument of life imitating art or vice versa. I write science fiction – I love science fiction. To write it I observe and understand … Read moreScience Fiction Influences Reality – True or False?

The Common Cold - Playing God zombies zombie apocalypse contagion david k roberts

The Common Cold: Playing God

By D R | December 29, 2015

Playing God has been a long time coming – I blame having to pay the mortgage and eating. As a result of many requests I have written a book that covers off some of the questions raised by my readers. The book has been made available on my website and Amazon from today, January 1st, … Read moreThe Common Cold: Playing God

vaucluse sydney australia playing god zombies the common cold

Spin-off Zombie Book To Be Published

By D R | November 13, 2015

Due to work constraints it has taken a little longer than usual to produce another book. Very soon a spin-off from The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle will be published. You might like to come up to speed on The Common Cold – purchase a copy here and find out what it’s all about! Initially … Read moreSpin-off Zombie Book To Be Published

ApocalypZe 6 Hour Charity Extreme Horror Survival Event charity event

Apocalypse Event Of The Year

By D R2 | September 18, 2015

If You Think You’re ‘Ard Enough 🙂 Coming up on the 10th October, 2015, the Apocalypse event of the year – the ApocalypZe 6 Hour Charity Extreme Horror Survival Event. So What’s This Apocalypse Event About? It’s about charirty! It’s “ApocalypZe Breaking” and is a cross between “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” … Read moreApocalypse Event Of The Year

maidenhead Zombie Walk Image

Maidenhead Zombie Walk

By D R2 | September 3, 2015

Once again the Maidenhead Zombie Walk us coming up. It’s a yearly event in which zombies descend upon Maidenhead high street around Halloween! There’s an after party & loads of family fun! The next event takes part on Saturday the 31st October 2015. We leave from The Bell pub and end up at Maidenhead Town … Read moreMaidenhead Zombie Walk

kill zombie

Kill Zombie!

By D R2 | August 2, 2015

A worthy sentiment, but on reflection, the name of this film, Kill Zombie!, is a little like that Ronseal ad, ‘it does what it says on the side of the can’. Kill Zombie! – I’m not going to tell you what this film is all about, I’ll keep you in suspense. It’s original title is … Read moreKill Zombie!

walker stalker cruise the walking dead stars norman reedus

Walker Stalker Cruise?

By D R2 | July 10, 2015

Imagine you’re on the holiday of a lifetime. You’re lounging by the pool on a cruise ship in the Med, the Caribbean, or wherever. You’re just sipping a freshly prepared piña colada, margarita, martini, or simply a cold beer. You close your eyes to relax. After a moment a shadow falls over you. You sit … Read moreWalker Stalker Cruise?

Undead – A Film Review

By D R2 | April 3, 2015

Was the Australian film, ‘Undead’, worth the £1.95 I spend on its purchase? Well and truly. I believe this has the potential of becoming a cult film if it isn’t already in some circles. It has all the right content, particularly the strange, slightly barking hero (played by Mungo McKay) and the hot, kick-ass female … Read moreUndead – A Film Review

The Real Return Of A King

By D R2 | March 22, 2015

I’ve been watching the proceedings of today’s celebration of a king much disputed, all the more because his place of rest was so disputed and frankly unknown. Through a significant amount of clever detective work his remains were unearthed and so we witnessed the real Return Of A King. In the car park where his … Read moreThe Real Return Of A King

Australian Greyhounds – A Message To The Australian Government

By D R2 | March 8, 2015

I have now owned three greyhounds, all ex-racers, as pets. What wonderful creatures they are; they walk well, they interact with children and adults beautifully, all they need is a bit of TLC and they are happy. So what the hell is going on? Australian greyhounds are being abused horribly by low-life, scum-sucking bastards in … Read moreAustralian Greyhounds – A Message To The Australian Government

Leonard Nimoy – Rest In Peace

By D R2 | February 28, 2015

Part of my brain thinks ‘what a tragedy’, while the rational part of me knows that 83 is a damn good age to reach, and with all he’s done in his extraordinary life he probably couldn’t have achieved much more. ‘Live Long And Prosper’ has been a good motto for both Leonard Nimoy and Mr … Read moreLeonard Nimoy – Rest In Peace

Return Of A King – A Tenuous Link

By D R2 | February 22, 2015

Maybe I’ve finally seen everything now. The latest Daily Mail article on Richard III’s remains being discovered is all about an escort agency cashing in on the re-interment of the King’s remains. Is this a waste of electrons bouncing around your computer screen? Is this tenuous link just another cheap trick by the DM to … Read moreReturn Of A King – A Tenuous Link

Teleport – A Equals B?

By D R2 | January 24, 2015

I have touched on this subject before, but considering our technological advancement will cause us one day to produce something not entirely unlike Star Trek’s teleport technology I think this subject needs to be understood before putting a sentient being through this process. We all know about teleportation, right? We stand in teleport chamber A … Read moreTeleport – A Equals B?

Is The Zombie Genre Dying On Its Feet?

By D R2 | November 15, 2014

I had a conversation with a man yesterday who is a fanatical sci-fi aficionado. He reckons the interest in zombies is waning. I sure as hell hope not, I like it when someone buys and enjoys my books. It’s not like I’m going to be earning my living at it any time soon (especially with … Read moreIs The Zombie Genre Dying On Its Feet?

Do You Believe In Halloween Witches?

By D R2 | October 31, 2014

A lot of criticism has been directed at Halloween over the years, from the recent church suggestions that children ought to dress up as saints depicting their stories, to the annual resurgence of ‘possession’ particularly amongst children. My gut feeling is that extreme trauma would ensue if children dressed up as saints considering the appalling … Read moreDo You Believe In Halloween Witches?

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  1. Really enjoyed these zombie books. Much better storylines than some of the terriblly poorly constructed stuff out there. Good storylines, believable characters and a very clever twist at the end.

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