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Science Fiction Influences Reality – True or False?

All in all I am not as convinced that Science Fiction influences reality – our lives – as much as we think – or would like to think. It’s the old argument of life imitating art or vice versa. I write science fiction – I love science fiction. To write it I observe and understand … Read moreScience Fiction Influences Reality – True or False?

Undead – A Film Review

Was the Australian film, ‘Undead’, worth the £1.95 I spend on its purchase? Well and truly. I believe this has the potential of becoming a cult film if it isn’t already in some circles. It has all the right content, particularly the strange, slightly barking hero (played by Mungo McKay) and the hot, kick-ass female … Read moreUndead – A Film Review

The Real Return Of A King

I’ve been watching the proceedings of today’s celebration of a king much disputed, all the more because his place of rest was so disputed and frankly unknown. Through a significant amount of clever detective work his remains were unearthed and so we witnessed the real Return Of A King. In the car park where his … Read moreThe Real Return Of A King

Leonard Nimoy – Rest In Peace

Part of my brain thinks ‘what a tragedy’, while the rational part of me knows that 83 is a damn good age to reach, and with all he’s done in his extraordinary life he probably couldn’t have achieved much more. ‘Live Long And Prosper’ has been a good motto for both Leonard Nimoy and Mr … Read moreLeonard Nimoy – Rest In Peace

Teleport – A Equals B?

I have touched on this subject before, but considering our technological advancement will cause us one day to produce something not entirely unlike Star Trek’s teleport technology I think this subject needs to be understood before putting a sentient being through this process. We all know about teleportation, right? We stand in teleport chamber A … Read moreTeleport – A Equals B?

The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle – Complete Trilogy

Hello All In order to make it easier to own all three books (at a lower price than buying all three separately) I’ve just published the complete Trilogy of “The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle” as a single book on Amazon. Saves money over buying all three! Get the complete Zombie Chronicle while it’s hot!! … Read moreThe Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle – Complete Trilogy

What Do Teleportation and Zombies Have In Common?

Answer: They have the same question in common – where does the soul go after infection or during teleportation? Have you ever watched Star Trek and given a little thought to what happens when a person is deconstructed and transported over a distance? What do you get at the other end? The original person – … Read moreWhat Do Teleportation and Zombies Have In Common?

Control Nature

Can we continue to control nature? How many of you realise that just before the detonation of the first atomic bomb, many scientists feared that it would trigger an unstoppable chain reaction that would engulf the world? There was a strong logic behind this potential outcome. In spite of that appalling risk to the whole … Read moreControl Nature

Return Of A King: A Zombie Chronicle – Z Factor is out!

I am very pleased to announce that the sequel to the mayhem in Leicester is now available on Amazon Kindle! It takes the ‘minor’ zombie problem in the UK to the USA. It’s a typical story of boy loses girlfriend, boy gets new, hot, sexy girlfriend, couple travel to the USA, accompanied by lethal, world-changing … Read moreReturn Of A King: A Zombie Chronicle – Z Factor is out!

Death Of Antibiotics – Beware Ancient Ailments

There have been many articles recently about the end of time for antibiotics. All very well but how about those bacteria that have been coming at us, lances tilted, all through time. Bacteria has the ability to remain infectious for very long periods. Take Anthrax, Bacillus anthracis, as an example. There are areas in the … Read moreDeath Of Antibiotics – Beware Ancient Ailments

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