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12 – Bridging The Gap

Pius unceremoniously skewered the helmsman standing in the wheelhouse from behind, thrusting up into the brain and taking whatever life it possessed, after which we threw the flaccid corpse unceremoniously overboard. I looked at where he had been standing and saw that the key was still in the ignition, a small, yellow plastic Homer Simpson … Read more12 – Bridging The Gap

11 – Taking In The Sights

It was weird but as we ran for the trees I kept on thinking how this place looked in normal times – filled with office workers, civil servants, tourists, protesters, and the encampments of long term political complainants. All of that was now gone, in its place huge amounts of rubbish, torn down tents, discarded … Read more11 – Taking In The Sights

10 – Once More Unto The Breach

Looking out of the window in the stairwell we could see that the zombie herd had moved away, probably inflicting misery and terror wherever they went. “Now’s our time to leave,” Pius suggested. “Where are you going?” Vlad asked. “He has to get to his family in Woolwich,” Becky piped up. “We’re going with him.” … Read more10 – Once More Unto The Breach

9 – The Rise And Fall – And Rise – of Sneaky Bastard

Sneaky Bastard was right behind me. In spite of his drugged up state he’d managed stealth in spite of my precautions. The squaddie’s gun was pointing unerringly between my eyes – it was one of my worst moments in the early apocalypse. My fear for Becky was intense; I didn’t want these bastards to harm … Read more9 – The Rise And Fall – And Rise – of Sneaky Bastard

8 – Division In The Household

After climbing the stairs at full tilt we burst out into an open foyer that had two elevator doors at the far end and a cheap-looking plastic imitation veneer reception desk. Off this same area were several office doors. Seeing this floor I was dismayed. If we sought safety in one of these rooms we … Read more8 – Division In The Household

7 – Prêt  Survivre, Anyone?

Trudging up the road we began to see people rushing out onto the street. Some were flailing at themselves desperately trying to put out the fire that had engulfed them having been caught up in the conflagration. Others seemed oblivious to the consuming flames and when I ran over to one to offer assistance he … Read more7 – Prêt  Survivre, Anyone?

Maidenhead Zombie Walk 2016

maidenhead zombie walk 2016

It’s that time again – the season of good fun. The Maidenhead Zombie Walk is back! Make sure you are there, unless you aren’t dead yet! THE HORDES RETURN TO MAIDENHEAD WITH A TOWN HALL TAKEOVER! Date: Saturday 29th October. Start Time: From 1pm Location: From The Bell PKB The Maidenhead Zombie Walk, now in … Read moreMaidenhead Zombie Walk 2016

6 – Frying Pan or Fire – You Choose

By the time we crossed the river we could hear steady gunfire starting up again, presumably at the crowd coming up from the south. The sci-fi buzzing of the drone’s guns could also be heard as they dealt death and destruction from above. I wondered if the ‘Battle of Lambeth’ would be remembered like 9/11 … Read more6 – Frying Pan or Fire – You Choose

5 – Puppet Master

Arriving at Lambeth Bridge, we discovered our route along the embankment was blocked by the military standing shoulder to shoulder on the far side of the roundabout, guns ready with bayonets fixed. In spite of the fact that they had tank back up even from this distance I could see apprehension in each man’s eyes … Read more5 – Puppet Master

4 – Questions Answered

Becky looked at me and I could see abject fear on her face – I knew she agreed with my decision because I struggled to keep up with her on our devil-chased retreat. My girl was never normally one to do as she was told – or maybe it was just with me, I don’t … Read more4 – Questions Answered

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