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Halloween Zombies and Superheroes

“Come on, Love,” I encouraged my wife, Angela. “We won’t get back in time to set up before the kids start coming around.”

“Stop being childish,” she chided gently. “We’ll get home in plenty of time.”

Practical Ange had spoken.

The queues to the tills were like long, winding snakes, backing up into the aisles, causing me irritation and consternation. What I had in mind was going to be spectacular, at least for our street. I had obtained actual police cordon tape, pumpkins already dug out and carved, lanterns to be hung with spider webs, and so the list went on. I don’t know why I wanted to do it, perhaps I simply enjoyed the fun of the occasion; we didn’t do Halloween when I was young and I was probably trying to make up for lost time.

Finally, we were at the till and I handed over my credit card.

“How much?” my wife exclaimed.

“It’ll be worth it,” I replied, smiling at her.

“I guess,” she acceded, looking at me as a child that had to be humoured.

We fought our way past the other shoppers, many of whom didn’t seem to have any idea as to what they were doing or even where they were.

“Bloody people!” I mumbled to myself, elbowing my way past a knot of people who had simply stopped in the entrance to the shop, oblivious to those that had a mission. It looked like I had just missed some incident; perhaps there had been a fight as some of the milling masses had blood on their faces. “They won’t need makeup if they’re going out tonight,” I mused to myself.

Getting to the car on the far side of the car park I sighed with relief as I sat down. It felt like shopping was becoming more and more of a chore with each passing year. Maybe my temper was just on a shorter fuse. I turned to my wife.

“That was pretty weird, wasn’t it?” I observed.

“I think most seemed to have been on the pop already,” she replied, looking at her watch. “And at this hour.” It was only half past four in the afternoon and Saint Ange had spoken.

“Did you see those shoppers with blood on them?”

“I did. It scared me a bit, they must have been fighting or something.” She leant over and kissed me on the cheek. “At least we’re away from there now, we’re safe.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, still feeling unconvinced about our safety. It felt like something was in the air, something forbidding, malevolent. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

halloween zombies short story david k roberts
Zombie Mum

I started the car and carefully weaved our way out of the car park, dodging more drunks on the way. Suddenly a people carrier hurtled past me, its horn blaring as the driver thumped the steering wheel repeatedly in what seemed like extreme road rage. The other two people in it seemed to be arguing and exchanging blows, blood splattering the windscreen. I swerved out of its way and watched it careen out of the exit and across the road only to be side-swiped by another car travelling at speed.

“What the fuck!” I exclaimed.

“Don’t use that language,” my wife said, admonishing me for my profanity.


“No buts, just call the police.” Pragmatic Ange had spoken.

I braked to a halt and attempted to make the call on my mobile. A recorded voice told me to try again later. I tried again but with the same result. That was definitely weird but before I could give it any more thought I looked up and saw a crowd gathering around the scene of the accident; ghouls, I thought. Some were gesturing aggressively at the drivers while others dragged the occupants from the car. A brawl broke out and I decided that retreat was the better part of valour – things just felt wrong. With a vision of bright red blood splattered on the bonnet of one of the cars still burnt into our brains we made our way home quickly but carefully, dodging another couple of wildly driven cars. Sometimes there were just days like this.

Pulling into the drive even my wife sighed with relief.

“I’m glad that’s over,” she announced. She held her hand up and I saw that it was shaking.

“Me too,” I agreed and gave her a long hug. She was as upset as I was and I hated to see that.

Carrying the shopping in, I brushed off my earlier doubts and fears and pulled out the Halloween items to begin my annual ritual of setting up, all the while thinking about the shopping trip and how society was going to hell in a hand basket.

Outside I used the police tape to set up a pathway around the car and up to the front door. Sometimes I think I used the tape for its secondary purpose: to keep the kids away from the car. I love my car.

I set up the garden over the next hour not noticing that the sun had well and truly set by the time I was finished; looking around I was beginning to see people wandering around in the dusk, clearly getting into the mood by walking like zombie extras in The Walking Dead. What was it about zombies these days? What was the all-fire attraction of dressing up like one? If a zombie apocalypse actually happened I think I would want to be a survivor, not one of the undead. So far none of them had come close to the house but from a distance they looked pretty well made up, some looking very realistic. I shivered with enjoyment of the moment, wondering what they used to make such realistic blood.

At times like this I liked to pretend it was real, that the Zombie Apocalypse was upon us and I was a survivor. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a bit of a kid at heart, so my wife keeps reminding me, always with such maternal patience; I don’t think I ever heard her swear or show even a hint of frustration at the kid she had married. She was a saint, I reckon. As for me, I like to swear, it’s a great way of venting anger for me, sometimes I would do it without being told off – those times Ange was not within earshot. I loved her but sometimes I mentally begged for her to be a little less tightly wound.

I stood back to admire my handiwork; it looked great, especially the lanterns glimmering warmly, the spider-web effect dangling perfectly. I caught it all on my phone’s camera. Another year’s photos for my collection.

Going back inside I caught the delightful aroma of our dinner cooking. My wife may have abhorred swearing but she sure as hell knew how to cook. I walked into the kitchen and kissed her neck. Arching her back she leaned into me and we cuddled for a moment or two.

At that moment the doorbell rang.

“Already?” Angela complained, pulling away from me in irritation.

I sighed again. I always seemed to be sighing these days. Opening the front door I saw three kids and their mum standing there on the front porch, while behind them a line of others wound their way within the police tape confines towards our door. It was going to be a busy night.

At the front of the line the kids were done up as an assortment of witches and superheroes – how superheroes figured in Halloween I didn’t know. The mum was done up as a zombie. Shocked at her realistic outfit I stepped back in surprise.

“Nicely done,” I complimented her.

“Trick or treat!” the kids shouted excitedly. The mum remained in character and moaned, a little bloody drool escaping her mouth. That was a little over the top I reckoned, especially in front of the rugrats.

I held out the bucket of treats I had purchased and the children grabbed hands full of the sweets and dumped them into their collection bags, smiles on their made-up faces.

I offered an adult confection to the mum but she didn’t respond apart from giving a louder moan. Looking at her eyes I wondered with more than a little awe as to how she projected such absolute rage and ferocity through contact lenses. My wife arrived by my side at that very moment.

“Good Lord!” she exclaimed.

“Brilliant isn’t it?” I said, still mesmerised by the mother’s outfit and make-up.

Next moment the woman made to lunge at us, bowling her children aside. They squealed in surprise and terror and I was knocked out of the way as Angela reacted immediately to the threat. Reacting with a lightning speed I’d never imagined possible to the mother’s sudden aggression Angela threw herself at Zombie Mum. In response the mother focused her full attention on my wife and they grappled for a moment before the woman managed to bite deep into my beautiful wife’s shoulder, cutting her to the bone. Angela’s scream shocked me to the core, while blood spurted warm and metallic from the gaping hole and covered the mother’s face at the same time spraying the children and me with her ebbing life force.

With her dying breath my wife uttered her last words.

“Fuck! That hurts!” Relaxed Ange had finally spoken.

Copyright © 2016 David Kingsley Roberts

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TWD Is Not For Snowflakes

I’ve read some pretty strange things in the last few years, and a lot of it pointing in the direction of a society that is more easily offended and damaged than ever before. I think it is even possible to get PTSD from thinking a bad thought nowadays. One thing is for sure: TWD is not for snowflakes.

twd negan snowflake david k roberts TWD Is Not For SnowflakesWhen I first heard the term ‘snowflake’ used implying the delicate nature of the modern young I felt a mixture of agreement combined with a little indignation for the upcoming younger generations. It’s on a par with the expression ‘poor white trash’ which denigrates a whole sector of the population who cannot fight back.

Reading an article in the Daily Mail today about people’s reactions to the first episode of series seven of The Walking Dead I burst out laughing, not because I am cruel by nature but because people even filmed their reactions to the programme. Now I know that social media has hit a new all-time low when it raves about people’s horror at a programme that has always been violent – it has zombies and dangerous people in it, for God’s sake! Why would you film yourself being horrified at something you deliberately watched knowing that someone was to die in the first few minutes? There has always been a copious supply of fake blood in TWD.

I suspect people are less horrified at the programme and more determined to get their own five minutes of fame – even if they have to look like a horse’s ass in doing so. Is this the point of the snowflake generation as it’s now known? They will do anything to get public recognition? Complaining seems to be the fast track way of being noticed – talent be damned!

Whatever the reason for this reaction, one thing is for certain, TWD Is Not For Snowflakes!

Neighbours And The Zombie Apocalypse

We all have them, some we love and some we loathe. Come the big day, will neighbours and the Zombie Apocalypse collide?

Neighbours And The Zombie Apocalypse david k roberts
Probably not these Neighbours

Man is an opportunistic creature, a strange mixture of altruism and self-interest resides within us all. Assuming you are not at work or on holiday when the ZA strikes, you will probably be at home. Perhaps you will go outside, wondering what is going on only to be attacked by a frothing-at-the-mouth neighbour who has succumbed to the awful end we all dread. If you have sense you will remain indoors until you have made some sort of decision as to what to do. If this is your big plan, don’t forget to fill anything that holds water, you could be stranded for quite a while.

A few hours in and you’re still alive. You start thinking about your next steps: do you try and go it alone and/or remain with those in your household, or do you try and get to your friends and loved ones if not with you already? Eventually you will start thinking about your neighbours. Are there any you would want to help, ignore, or even take drastic action against? I’m not being morbid or thinking vindictive thoughts. Consider this, if you are thinking like this, so are they. Are you now realising the risk you are under from non-zombies that live nearby?

Neighbours And The Zombie Apocalypse david k robertsWe’ve all seen programmes featuring neighbours from hell, those people for whom a leaf falling on their property creates a litigious opportunity or worse. People who will never relent on the most trivial of things. What if they are thinking as I’ve just described – perhaps they see the Zombie Apocalypse as an ideal time to remove neighbours that have been giving them a hard time. If you don’t at least consider the ramifications of the breakdown of law and order beyond mere marauding thugs to consider your emotion-filled and perhaps psychotic neighbours, then you may be in for a big surprise.

So, what’s the answer? Go out there and kill them? Well, I would not do this for three reasons: 1. You have to go outside and risk your life among the zombies, 2. Your neighbour might just be a better fighter than you, your sticky end leaving your loved ones further at risk, and 3. Perhaps wantonly killing breathers is a bad thing to do for the future of mankind.

In the end, as with all threats, don’t go looking for trouble, instead, be prepared for it when it comes troubling you. Beef up your security, make sure you have appropriate weapons to hand in each room, and secure your doors properly. Finally, if there is more than one person in your digs, make sure someone is awake at all times.

And if you are in the UK and don’t have access to guns, pray your neighbour doesn’t either!

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Surviving 1st Five Minutes Of The Zombie Apocalypse

I’m now writing my ninth book on the ZA, but the truth is I often wonder if I, with all the research and thought I give to the Event, have any better chance of surviving 1st five minutes of the Zombie Apocalypse than the average Joe Public. I still don’t know the answer to this question and I guess I hope secretly that I never have to find out.

Surviving 1st Five Minutes Of The Zombie ApocalypseI saw an article back in the early nineties when computer games began to rise in popularity for young people. While older people were predicting doom and gloom – with eye problems and millions of new cases of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) some people noticed certain benefits. With the advent of more computer controlled aircraft, the similarities between flying military aircraft and computer games were narrowing. New applicants to the Airforce were becoming split into two camps, those who regularly played computer games and those that didn’t. The gamers frequently scored higher in hand-eye coordination and technology aptitude tests. Obviously this put them ahead of the others.

Move forward about 20 years and a new ‘computer game’, although it’s not actually a game, has surfaced. It’s called SurviVR. As you might expect from its name it is a virtual reality environment that simulates survival in the office. It’s not about getting one over on the boss, but an altogether frightening and unfortunately more frequent occurrence – the ‘postal’ worker.

The premise is that, if you are unprepared you will not be able to use instinctive survival skills to survive some marauding, suicidal and disgruntled office worker as he or she takes out your colleagues who have chosen to either freeze in the headlights or hide under the desk. The office is not a natural hunting environment, so what would you do under the circumstances? Most people haven’t a clue or simply do the obvious, all with fatal consequences.

SurviVR is designed to give you that instinct back, attempting to give you a safe environment in which to think about survivable options.

Why do we need this? Because most of us are so numbed and guided by process and the daily grind that we have suppressed our survival instincts more or less to zero. If we can’t defend ourselves against a lone gunman, how can we even recognise the signs that a zombie apocalypse is even happening?  If a crowd of zombies ran at you, how long would it take you to 1. believe your eyes, and 2. take some form of affirmative action? Would this give you the precious seconds to formulate a plan for escape AND survival and execute it?

I am a pilot and the one thing we are taught from day one is to expect the unexpected, and in our case it’s usually in the form of your engine going silent without warning. As a result, we may look calm in the front seat enjoying the sun and the view, but trust me, in every pilot’s mind is one thought: in which field down there could I land safely. It’s a pilot’s forever thought.

What’s yours?

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Zombie Apocalypse Killing – When will it change?

skulls zombie apocalypse killing

We’ve all read books or watched films that involve Zombie Apocalypse killing – including murder and self-defence. When will killing differentiate, changing from self-defence to murder, at least as far as the social norm?

skulls zombie apocalypse killingThere are always exceptions to the rule but I believe that the Zombie Apocalypse and for the foreseeable future will follow prescribed human social procedure, whether we understand it or not.

Within the first week or two chaos will reign – of course – and there will be plenty of self-defence as well as murder. Man is a beast of opportunity and many will be happy to rid him or herself of people they feel are undesirable, especially if there are no legal consequences.

sharp force trauma zombie apocalypse killingI read an interesting article recently on human behaviour related to violence, trying to shine a light on why we kill. It was based around the culture that existed in regional pockets in California some fifteen hundred years ago, possibly not so different from post-apocalyptic life ten years down the line. From this study it revealed that it wasn’t gang killing gang, or marauders from far away. Looking at hundreds of burial sites the evidence points towards killing over resources rather than some sort of geopolitical or religious goal. Leave that sort of rampant killing to ‘modern man’.

In the article it split killing up between sharp force trauma and blunt force trauma, indicating that sharp was the more punitive and directed towards conquest, although they couldn’t link it to hunting as its origin. Blunt force trauma, on the other hand seems to be more aligned with opportunistic killing, perhaps ‘weapon-less’ combat or thuggery – “What me, officer? But I only have my trusty walking stick”.

When the zombie apocalypse becomes boring, in other words the zombie threat is all but gone, we will have to focus on managing our resources to survive in any numbers. Then we will once again witness the rise of the ‘haves’ versus the ‘have-nots’ – again. Then we will make our way back to sharp force trauma and the brutality we are used to in our modern age. At least we will be able to say with reasonable certainty that killing began over resources rather than an innate desire to kill.

It’s nice to know there are things we can depend on in a post-apocalyptic world! Human nature at its best.

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Surviving The Apocalypse – Is It a Rich Man’s Game?

zombie apocalypse

One of my readers, @GirlsWhoHunt1 (thank you), brought a rather interesting product set to my attention. Things like this make me wonder if surviving the apocalypse is a rich man’s game. I don’t believe I can make a judgement on that but here are some ideas on the subject.

surviving the apocalypse Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit david k roberts self-published author zombies scifi sci-fi science fiction horrorI have written extensively on survival in the Zombie Apocalypse – it pretty much goes without saying that any apocalypse, whatever the cause would be a bit of a challenge to survive, hence being called ‘apocalypse’ I guess. I have talked about vehicles, I’ve discussed homes in the apocalypse, all of which seem to require kick-ass capabilities, ranging from being impermeable to micro-attack as well as the blunt hammering of zombies, through to being able to get around securely and quickly. And of course – weapons.

If you have deep pockets then this article may come over as some sort of advert or product placement but to the rest of us it may just present you with some hints moving forward. One of the things I love about considering the Zombie Apocalypse is its visceral nature, the fact that it will be gut wrenching, terrifying and require quick thinking should you not succumb to the initial whateveritis. In other words it will suddenly backdate our ‘civilization’ 10,000 years, back when big furry creatures were not household pets of the rich and famous or residents of gated communities (zoos), but wanted you for a meal as much as you wanted them to stay away or wrap around you in winter.

surviving the apocalypse david k roberts self-published author zombies survival kitZ.E.R.O. (Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit by OpticsPlanet – a big title for a big set of products. When I replied to @GirlsWhoHunt1 I joked about needing a big-ass vehicle to carry it all around in. I’m not convinced it was all that much of a joke. Looking at the list of its contents I am in awe of it. For just shy of $24,000 (£18,458 and some change) you can be the proud owner of just about everything you will need to survive. For a further £59,460 ($77,309 and some change) you can buy a brand new Range Rover to carry it around in – you’ll also get a drinks holder and a satnav for as long as that technology works.

I have the sneaky feeling that if I buy this, the car and the underground lair to weather the initial phase of the Apocalypse I will probably be in town shopping or at the pub when it starts, leaving me high and dry if I cannot get back to it. Perhaps these things will be fun to own if you have the cash, but when reality bites chances are you will have to rely on what you have on you, primarily your brain. Let’s face it, whatever you take into the ZA it will wear out in time, surviving in the apocalypse means you end up with your brain and your hands – hopefully.

In the end I keep coming back to one truth, if your number is up, then you can hide at the end of the world in a deep hole but you can’t duck enough to dodge the inevitable.

If your number is not yet up then you can start thinking about how you can use what’s around you to survive. For my money I will collect water bottles and food. If I want to make it into the mountains or at least get away from cities and big towns I will raid a library – the font of all knowledge – and avail myself of books on what can be eaten safely in the local area. I will make use of other people’s ideas on how to live in the wild – because for most people pre-apocalypse this will be your first ‘roughing it’ holiday.

Strangely I’ll probably keep my wallet and its contents, at least for a while. And my iPod with a solar  charger – I can’t do without my music! Music civilizes people.

New Zombie Story

At long last I have the time to write a new Zombie story! Following on from the successful series, The Common Cold, I am writing about the Zombie Apocalypse as it begins in London.

zombies david k roberts new zombie storyI will be producing one or two chapters a week, depending on my work/life balance. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feedback.

Walking Dead

Vampire-Graves Drawska Poland sickle the walking dead

Legends of the walking dead have been with us for a long time, some as recent as 300 or so years ago. Are they legends or is there a reason to be careful when walking among the dead?

the zombies british band rock band sixties not the walking deadWhile I write this I’m sitting listening to The Zombies, a group from the early sixties. If you think you don’t know their music, then you probably do – think “She’s Not There” from 1964. Anyway, this is beside the point – the group was named after the Haitian zombies.

Vampire-Graves Drawska Poland sickle the walking dead zombiesA recent discovery in Poland shows that the potential for the walking dead has been a real fear in more recent years. A group of graves found in Drawsko, Poland and estimated as being from the 17th century, were uncovered to find that their necks were pressed with sharp iron sickles. Of course it can only speculation as to the reason behind this but the most logical is to prevent the deceased from rising easily. Why? Because we know that for the walking dead, without the head the corpse is just a corpse with no residual aggression. All the same you will need to keep your hands away from the mouth, though, as even without its mode of transport it’s still a potential source of attack and infection through bites.

Previously I have written of similar findings around Europe – headless torsos, garlic, stones, and other religious memorabilia in mouths, heads severed and buried with their bodies, and so the list goes on. Placing a sickle at the throat may be also a way of warding off demons – the fact that they do not rise again may be proof of this working!
Vampire-Graves Drawska Poland the walking dead zombiesAs we can only possibly speculate as to the cause of zombie-ism (I have a theory you might like to check out), it is not beyond the realms of possibility that zombies are demon-possessed corpses – the fact that we are a bunch of cynical modern folk means that we no longer take these precautions over our dead. Maybe we aren’t as clever as we think we are? A few small, seemingly primitive precautions wouldn’t go amiss. Without them, are we walking into disaster with our eyes closed? Are we leaving a back door open for the walking dead to enter our lives?
Vampire-Graves Drawska Poland zombies the walking deadI’d love to hear from you if you have any other stories of this type of discovery – after all, the better informed we are, the more likely is our survival when the Zombie Apocalypse comes!

The Common Cold: Playing God

The Common Cold - Playing God zombies zombie apocalypse contagion david k roberts

Playing God has been a long time coming – I blame having to pay the mortgage and eating. As a result of many requests I have written a book that covers off some of the questions raised by my readers. The book has been made available on my website and Amazon from today, January 1st, 2016, in line with the events as they play out.

I don’t usually do 4 books in a trilogy for pretty obvious reasons, but here is an excerpt from the first chapter of the latest in The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle.

It’s called:

The Common Cold: Playing God

Chapter 1: Day Zero – Sydney, Australia

From his apartment on New South Head Road in Vaucluse, Sydney Harbour looked as beautiful as ever, if a little smog-hazed.

vaucluse sydney australia playing god zombies the common cold
View of Vaucluse and Sydney Harbour, Australia. Photo courtesy of Mark Merton

“It’s gunna be a scorcher,” Alex mumbled to himself while pouring yet another cup of strong coffee. He knew he shouldn’t drink it, his heartburn would begin to chastise him well before eleven o’clock at this rate, but he really needed the caffeine buzz just to give him the strength to leave home and go to work.

Friends-with-Benefits, he’d heard it called. It was a strange term for friends who had gotten intimate, and he really hoped their friendship remained intact – he would find out when he and Mattie met up for lunch later that day.

Dancing coyly around the edge of a physical relationship for about five years now, their mutual sexual attraction had finally boiled over on New Year’s Eve. Alex blamed Mattie’s skin-tight, short red skirt as a temptation too far. Just thinking back on that exquisite image he felt a hot flush surging through him.

Standing and daydreaming as he looked out the front window he watched as some lucky bastard in a yacht way out in the middle of the peaceful blue harbour glided gently across his view towards the Heads – why did the water have to be so inviting on a work day, he wondered? He gulped down the last of the coffee, grabbed his bicycle and hurried outside.

The streets were always quiet at this time of the day; who the hell would want to be up and at ’em before six in the morning anyway, unless they absolutely had to? Somehow the atmosphere this morning seemed oddly still – apart from the insistent sounds of numerous sirens off in the distance. The emergency services were starting what sounded like a busy day judging by the distant wailing of sirens all around him.

Sniffing the air he caught the familiar summer scent of something burning; only it didn’t smell like a normal bushfire. Some silly sod’s set a paper fire, he thought, hoping it wouldn’t get out of control and start a real blaze. Perhaps that’s what the sirens were about. He dismissed the thought from his mind as he began his semi-energetic cycle ride to Bondi Junction, from where he would let the train take the strain to the office.

Sydney Airport mascot playing god zombies the common coldAlex worked at Sydney International Airport in the suburb of Mascot and would occasionally cycle all the way there. Today he decided to catch the train; in spite of his personal fitness, the last week’s celebrations and late nights had taken their toll on his energy levels. The coffee was helping a little but the smoke in the air was making him feel a little queasy – or was it the partying? He didn’t know or care at that moment; he assumed that the fatigue he felt and his blocked sinuses was probably just the start of a summer cold.

Putting on his headphones he began to listen to John and Garry on 2UE. He always enjoyed their discussions, usually getting to the heart of the matter in short order – those guys never minced their words. This morning was different – only John was present, apparently Garry had not made it in, something to do with emergency services closing down roads in his area. Maybe that was the sound of sirens Alex could hear off in the distance; it was amazing how sound travelled across the Harbour. What was more disturbing though was John harping on about a meteorite that had been lassoed by a NASA spacecraft and brought back to earth. Apparently they had put some sort of covering around it that would protect it as it re-entered the atmosphere, preventing it from burning up in the process. John was criticizing NASA, reporting that in spite of their brilliance they had only succeeded in failing: the meteorite had broken up upon re-entry sending pieces hurtling through the atmosphere and dropping debris everywhere it went, all around the world.

Listening to John raging on about bloody scientists doing daft tricks they couldn’t control and the terrible consequences for mankind in general, Alex felt a sudden urge to call Mattie to make sure that she was alright. Balancing carefully and keeping an eye out for any police in the vicinity he continued to cycle while holding his mobile to his ear; for some reason he felt a frisson of fear when there was no answer. Perhaps Mattie had gone into work earlier than usual, but somehow he knew this was unlikely as in his experience she wasn’t known to be an early riser. She’d always loved her bed and sleep.

bondi junction sydney playing god zombies the common cold
Photo Courtesy Phillip Overton

With his stress levels elevated, Alex put more effort into his cycling and was soon at Bondi Junction. Locking the bike up on the stands as usual, he hurried inside the station to his customary spot on the concourse. As he waited for his train to be announced, he noticed the illuminated boards were displaying numerous delays and cancellations across all platforms.

“Jeez, the trains are screwed up already?” he mumbled under his breath, his irritation rising, annoyed that his early start would almost certainly be for nothing.

Looking around he noticed that there were fewer commuters than he expected even following the New Year celebrations and those that were around were shambling about as if unsure of their intentions. Suddenly a man dressed in a business suit raced down the platform back towards the gates where Alex stood, a look of sheer terror etched on his face.

Alex’s heart began to race in anticipation of the worst.

“Get the fuck outta here, mate!” the man blurted as he raced past. “Save yourself! They’re coming!”

The unfit stranger was struggling hard to draw in enough oxygen, making it sound almost as if he was sobbing but in his adrenalin-fuelled panic he managed to keep on running away from the confusing scene.

Perplexed, Alex looked down the platform and noticed a raggedy crowd of about thirty people making its way in his direction.

Some of them appeared to be injured, globs of red matter, possibly blood, soiling their clothing and smeared on their faces. What the hell had been going on? It didn’t make sense. Had there been some terrible accident or…

Alex’s speculations were halted as he realised that although many of the approaching people had different kinds of injuries to their limbs and faces they all seemed to have one thing in common – their rapt attention appeared to be focused exclusively on him.

Spin-off Zombie Book To Be Published

vaucluse sydney australia playing god zombies the common cold
apocalyptic landscape TWD zombie apocalypse spin-off
There should be more spider webs in TWD!

Due to work constraints it has taken a little longer than usual to produce another book. Very soon a spin-off from The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle will be published. You might like to come up to speed on The Common Cold – purchase a copy here and find out what it’s all about!

night of the living dead weakest link in the zombie apocalypse spin-off
Which one is the weakest link?

Initially I will put a chapter or two online for your pleasure. It will then be available to purchase on my website as a self-published and downloadable eBook in either ePub or MOBI formats (suits all kinds of readers including Kindle, Sony, Kobo, B&N, Aldiko, Windows devices and other handheld devices).

I have taken to heart a few ‘complaints’ and frustrations of my readers following the cliff-hanger ending of the third in The Common Cold trilogy.

This spin-off gives a flavour of what lay behind some aspects of the Common COld Trilogy (#TCC).

More soon – I hope you will enjoy it. In the meanwhile enjoy the piccies!The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle first in the Trilogy uses for scopolamine

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