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Leonard Nimoy – Rest In Peace

Part of my brain thinks ‘what a tragedy’, while the rational part of me knows that 83 is a damn good age to reach, and with all he’s done in his extraordinary life he probably couldn’t have achieved much more. ‘Live Long And Prosper’ has been a good motto for both Leonard Nimoy and Mr Spock.

Zombies Of The Stratosphere - Leonard Nimoy
Zombies Of The Stratosphere – Leonard Nimoy

Of course Leonard Nimoy was not just Mr Spock; from what I can tell his first televised role was on what may be the first ever reality show in 1951 called Queen For A Day – the contestants would compete for an opportunity to pour their hearts out on TV to explain why they should be queen for a day. Weird but hauntingly familiar, I’d say.
Leonard Nimoy has also been in a zombie film; in 1952 ‘Zombies of The Stratosphere’ was released. It told the story of aliens, including Leonard Nimoy as Narab, a zombie alien, intent on H-bombing us out of orbit to be replaced by Mars.

A large number of people will remember Leonard Nimoy for his voice, that gravelly, precise diction is as unmistakable as that of Morgan Freeman or Richard Burton. He was the voice in a number of performances such as ‘Sinbad: Beyond The Veil Of Mists’, and ‘Atlantis: The Lost Empire’.

One thing I have always admired about the sci-fi performers of the ‘60s is their obvious ability not to take themselves too seriously. Unlike modern actors who largely seem to be all about the ‘hard stare’ these folks knew the programmes they made were supposed to be a bit of fun and great entertainment and their characters shone out from the screen like beacons. Leonard Nimoy was no exception. He played an unattributed part as a chauffeur in a Bangles video, and most of us have seen the episode in The Big Bang when Mt Spock played with the quirky psyche of Sheldon Cooper.

Leonard Nimoy tweet
Leonard Nimoy tweet

Leonard Nimoy’s departure from this planet, for me at least, is up there with John Lennon’s demise, albeit for entirely different reasons. He is a man I would have loved to have met. His last Tweet said it all – #LLAP.

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