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Return Of A King – A Tenuous Link

Maybe I’ve finally seen everything now. The latest Daily Mail article on Richard III’s remains being discovered is all about an escort agency cashing in on the re-interment of the King’s remains. Is this a waste of electrons bouncing around your computer screen? Is this tenuous link just another cheap trick by the DM to fill its pages with dubious content? To be fair to the DM it is being run in many other local and national papers so maybe they are all being tarred with the same brush in this instance.
Apparently an escort agency, who I will refrain from naming here, has decided it is a good idea if you attend the re-interment of the noble remains arm in arm with an ‘educated and beautiful’ escort. While it might make the televising of this event more interesting, it is an example of an innovative approach to marketing. In today’s difficult world of trying to stand out from the crowd to sell your product, particularly if you are in an over-crowded sector, this seems to have been an inspired piece of work. They are now getting more coverage than they could ever afford to pay for normally, and for free! Kudos to their management for this achievement.

Return Of A King – My turn.

On that note of praise I would like to try the same ploy and see if I can get the Daily Mail to take up my story.

Return Of A King: A Zombie Chronicle - Extra Terrestrials?
Return Of A King: A Zombie Chronicle – Extra Terrestrials?

Why not load your Kindle or iPad/iPhone up with Return Of A King: A Zombie Chronicle? After all, it would be good to attend the ceremony with something intelligent and attractive (the cover is colourful) in your pocket – something completely legal to do during those less interesting bits of the service. And there’s no way you can be arrested for it. Anyway, while you’re contemplating the Royal remains as they are sealed into their final resting place, you can rest assured that if his discovery was the cause of the zombie apocalypse, forewarned is forearmed.

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