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Maidenhead Zombie Walk

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Once again the Maidenhead Zombie Walk us coming up. It’s a yearly event in which zombies descend upon Maidenhead high street around Halloween! There’s an after party & loads of family fun! The next event takes part on Saturday the 31st October 2015. We leave from The Bell pub and end up at Maidenhead Town … Read moreMaidenhead Zombie Walk

Australian Greyhounds – A Message To The Australian Government

I have now owned three greyhounds, all ex-racers, as pets. What wonderful creatures they are; they walk well, they interact with children and adults beautifully, all they need is a bit of TLC and they are happy. So what the hell is going on? Australian greyhounds are being abused horribly by low-life, scum-sucking bastards in … Read moreAustralian Greyhounds – A Message To The Australian Government

Zombie Guide Magazine

If you love all things Zombie, or maybe you just like a good argument about human behaviour, then I reckon you ought to check out this website. It’s the Zombie Guide Magazine. There is something for everyone; from, you guessed it – The Walking Dead, through to author interviews, hints and tips on how to … Read moreZombie Guide Magazine

Old Tyres And Zombie Sausages

They say that your appetite starts with the eyes. Imagine it’s evening and you’ve just eaten dinner. Sitting in front of the telly, you’re watching the Food Channel. Sometimes the food isn’t that great but then they show pork being slow-cooked for a pulled-pork special. You start to drool and you’re wondering why that’s the … Read moreOld Tyres And Zombie Sausages

The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle – Complete Trilogy

Hello All In order to make it easier to own all three books (at a lower price than buying all three separately) I’ve just published the complete Trilogy of “The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle” as a single book on Amazon. Saves money over buying all three! Get the complete Zombie Chronicle while it’s hot!! … Read moreThe Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle – Complete Trilogy

******Attention potential Zombie extras! ******

On the 21st August an audition will be held in London for new Zombie flick directed by Chee Keong Cheung. Depending upon how many applicants we get there will be two audition sessions: one will begin at 0900 in the morning and the second at 1400. Anyone with martial arts experience is also welcome as … Read more******Attention potential Zombie extras! ******

Maidenhead Zombie Walk Coming Soon!

Put your walking boots and bloody make-up on! It’s the Maidenhead Zombie Walk The annual Zombie Walk in which hordes of zombies descend upon Maidenhead to celebrate Halloween will take place on Saturday 25th October 2014. Starting at 5pm at Maidenhead Train station the zombies will stumble and waddle up past the boy in the boat … Read moreMaidenhead Zombie Walk Coming Soon!

Human Politics And The Female Condition

I normally write blogs on the world of zombies. Perhaps this one won’t be far off-track. I like to find interesting photos to illustrate my blogs; the other day I was searching for some grisly photos of disease when I came across the most extraordinary photos of posters from the 1940s. I was horrified at … Read moreHuman Politics And The Female Condition

A Sad Day For Aussies And Brits Alike

I don’t know about you, but Rolf Harris has been a big part of my life since I was a little ’un. To hear him finally convicted and sentenced today sounded a death-knell to yet another part of my childhood, and to a certain degree some of my adult years. The fact that he cried … Read moreA Sad Day For Aussies And Brits Alike

Warm Bodies Anyone?

Today’s mental wandering is only partly zombie related. Is there anything more upsetting than watching Hollywood and fashion killing off the human race – starting with the female half? Perhaps they have created a desire in women to become the skeletons or the love interest in Warm Bodies. Is this film to blame for this … Read moreWarm Bodies Anyone?

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