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Zombie Swarms – Can New Technology Detect Them?

Detecting Zombie Swarms – does it justify the personal freedom restrictions it implies? I think this technology breakthrough seriously creeps me out more than coming face to face with a zombie! Chinese researcher, Jenq-Neng Hwang announced recently at the University of Washington that they had developed software that will enable a person to be followed…

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Do You Believe In Halloween Witches?

A lot of criticism has been directed at Halloween over the years, from the recent church suggestions that children ought to dress up as saints depicting their stories, to the annual resurgence of ‘possession’ particularly amongst children. My gut feeling is that extreme trauma would ensue if children dressed up as saints considering the appalling…

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Babe: Pig In The Apocalypse – Now on YouTube

Today I have just published a spoken video of the first two chapters of the story of Babe: Pig In The Apocalypse. Babe and his friendshave a rude awakening when they discover Mr Farmer has bitten the hand that feeds him. It puts into perspective the petty squabbles between the farm’s animals – almost. If…

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