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The Common Cold: Playing God

The Common Cold - Playing God zombies zombie apocalypse contagion david k roberts

Playing God has been a long time coming – I blame having to pay the mortgage and eating. As a result of many requests I have written a book that covers off some of the questions raised by my readers. The book has been made available on my website and Amazon from today, January 1st, … Read moreThe Common Cold: Playing God

Apocalypse Event Of The Year

ApocalypZe 6 Hour Charity Extreme Horror Survival Event charity event

If You Think You’re ‘Ard Enough 🙂 Coming up on the 10th October, 2015, the Apocalypse event of the year – the ApocalypZe 6 Hour Charity Extreme Horror Survival Event. So What’s This Apocalypse Event About? It’s about charirty! It’s “ApocalypZe Breaking” and is a cross between “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” … Read moreApocalypse Event Of The Year

The Real Return Of A King

I’ve been watching the proceedings of today’s celebration of a king much disputed, all the more because his place of rest was so disputed and frankly unknown. Through a significant amount of clever detective work his remains were unearthed and so we witnessed the real Return Of A King. In the car park where his … Read moreThe Real Return Of A King

Is The Zombie Genre Dying On Its Feet?

I had a conversation with a man yesterday who is a fanatical sci-fi aficionado. He reckons the interest in zombies is waning. I sure as hell hope not, I like it when someone buys and enjoys my books. It’s not like I’m going to be earning my living at it any time soon (especially with … Read moreIs The Zombie Genre Dying On Its Feet?

Zombie Burgers, Anyone?

I’ve brought you zombie sausages, black burgers in a black bun, and now it’s time for something a little different. Zombie burgers. First things first, it isn’t a burger made from zombies; it’s a burger FOR a zombie because it tastes like human flesh – allegedly. This creation is the result of bringing together of … Read moreZombie Burgers, Anyone?

Zombie Guide Magazine

If you love all things Zombie, or maybe you just like a good argument about human behaviour, then I reckon you ought to check out this website. It’s the Zombie Guide Magazine. There is something for everyone; from, you guessed it – The Walking Dead, through to author interviews, hints and tips on how to … Read moreZombie Guide Magazine

Old Tyres And Zombie Sausages

They say that your appetite starts with the eyes. Imagine it’s evening and you’ve just eaten dinner. Sitting in front of the telly, you’re watching the Food Channel. Sometimes the food isn’t that great but then they show pork being slow-cooked for a pulled-pork special. You start to drool and you’re wondering why that’s the … Read moreOld Tyres And Zombie Sausages

The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle – Complete Trilogy

Hello All In order to make it easier to own all three books (at a lower price than buying all three separately) I’ve just published the complete Trilogy of “The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle” as a single book on Amazon. Saves money over buying all three! Get the complete Zombie Chronicle while it’s hot!! … Read moreThe Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle – Complete Trilogy

Bugs – A Natural End To Civilisation?

I watched a golden oldie the other day, a film called Bug (1975). Apart from the hammy acting, including a scene where the Harmony-Hair-Sprayed wife (Joanna Miles) of the hero catches fire in the kitchen – right next to the tap. Guess what she does? Instead of quickly running her head under the water faucet … Read moreBugs – A Natural End To Civilisation?

Zombie Apocalypse – What REALLY Is The Biggest Threat?

Having read Jack Flacco’s interesting blog on parasites that might cause a form of zombie-ism, it reminded me of a part of my biology degree where we studied parasites. Thanks Jack, I’d nearly forgotten that! The Zombie Apocalypse sounds pleasant compared to parasites! Having said that, if we look around us there are a million … Read moreZombie Apocalypse – What REALLY Is The Biggest Threat?

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