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Undead – A Film Review

Was the Australian film, ‘Undead’, worth the £1.95 I spend on its purchase? Well and truly. I believe this has the potential of becoming a cult film if it isn’t already in some circles. It has all the right content, particularly the strange, slightly barking hero (played by Mungo McKay) and the hot, kick-ass female heroine (Felicity Mason) whose claim to fame is having won the ‘Catch Of The Year’ beauty pageant in her small home fishing town of Berkeley, somewhere along the Queensland coast.

Undead a cult Aussie film zombies aliens
Undead – well worth watching this Aussie film!

It may be that because I hail from the Antipodean side of the world allowing my bias slip to show, but I reckon Australia makes 2 kinds of film, 1. excellent and 2. quirky. Perhaps it’s because being so far away from other influences they have the room to think outside the regular Hollywood box. In a way they are a little like the French; they, too, bring us films that often don’t go according to the usual plan. Of course, the Australians produce superior wines.

If you go to Amazon and read the reviews of ‘Undead’ then they are very mixed. There are a number of 5 star ones, while at least one of the 1 stars suggests the 5 star reviews are a fix by the film production company. They couldn’t be more wrong and it just goes to show that either their brains are wired incorrectly or they hadn’t had enough to drink before viewing.

So what’s the story of Undead?

Well, having said what I have above, I am just a little confused as to the overall plot of ‘Undead’. I think it goes like this:

The heroine, René Chaplin, is leaving town as her parents have died leaving her home farm up to its proverbial eyeballs in debt; naturally the bank takes it away and so she decides to leave the place she has always called home. Hitching a ride driven by a sleaze-ball with his own agenda, they head out in his old Volvo. A meteorite storm overtakes them and mayhem ensues. Every person that is hit becomes a zombie (in spite of the fact that the afore-said meteorite put a fist sized hole in their torsos). After some of this undead mayhem, it rains an acidic liquid that can be quenched by normal water.

Holing up in the town weirdo’s place they are joined by a few more survivors and together they do their best against the salivating horde comprised of their once-upon-a-time neighbours. Marion, the allegedly mad recluse, tells of how he was attacked by zombie fish and taken by aliens – I can’t see why no-one believed him. He takes then into the basement and then to a lower level hideaway that looks decidedly like a nuclear bunker (don’t ask).

Through various escapades they make it out of the house but their progress is stopped by a VERY high wall erected around the town. I won’t tell any more of the story (you really need to see it to get the best from this little gem) other than to say that aliens appear and ‘fix’ the townsfolk. There’s a light aircraft scene that any sci-fi film would be proud of. The final scene is in a hospital where Marion utters these immortal words by way of explaining his predicament:

“One day you’re out on your boat, you get attacked by zombie fish; they munch at your face like you’re the main course of an all-you-can-eat-crazy-boy-buffet. You walk away, tell the town your story – they think you’re mad.”

It doesn’t end there (although Marion does, at least the breathing version).

All in all it was entertaining. I have tried to watch a number of off-the-beaten-track zombie or undead films recently and most are truly painful to watch. This one is genuinely worth the effort – and at this price is definitely money well spent. Five Stars from me!
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