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Walker Stalker Cruise?

Walker Stalker Cruise?

Imagine you’re on the holiday of a lifetime. You’re lounging by the pool on a cruise ship in the Med, the Caribbean, or wherever. You’re just sipping a freshly prepared piña colada, margarita, martini, or simply a cold beer. You close your eyes to relax. After a moment a shadow falls over you. You sit up in irritation – someone’s blocking your sun. You stare in horror at the apparition in front of you and then remember you’re on a Walker Stalker Cruise!

walker stalker cruise the walking dead stars norman reedusAs it turns out you’re in the Bahamas because this is a 3-day themed walker stalker cruise in January 2016 – clearly it does what it says on the side of the tin. You get to be trapped on a ship bedecked (see what I did there) with zombies and zombie blood. Hopefully the zombies remain just actors because I think this has the potential for a true story – you know, one of those afternoon B-rated films (which are ironically often better than the A-listers because they have what seems to be elusive these days – a storyline).

norwegian pearl cruise ship walker stalker cruiseImagine being out at sea, no land in sight, the sun shimmering off a flat, becalmed sea and all you can hear around you is groaning of the dead. You can’t leave the covered-over life boat because there’s nowhere to go that isn’t infested with the walking dead. You have limited rations aboard and you’re hoping the flare you will fire at night will attract the attention of a rescue ship that will, inevitably, sail into the grip of the infestation.

Well, this trip isn’t like that. And best of all it appears that there will be your favourite star on board from, you guessed it – TWD. I believe Norman Reedus will be there in person, but don’t take my word for it.

Start saving your pennies, cents, euros, dinars, and sheckles folks. This could be fun!

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