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When Fiction Becomes Fact

I’m quite excited. There have been two recent science articles that show technology is catching up to my science fiction book, The Animus Portal. I love it when fiction becomes fact.

the animus portal science fiction scifi When Fiction Becomes FactMy book describes the journey of a single piece of technology, implanted in the brain to cure dementia. Humble beginnings that sour as it is adapted for wider social solutions, everything from social media to through influencing human behaviour. Although done for the best of reasons, allegedly, it becomes a challenge to put the genie back in the bottle. I am currently writing the sequel.

node human Bryan Johnson kernelLooking at the two articles to which I allude, $100million project to make intelligence boosting brain implant, and Forget typing, Computers will be able to read your mind and convert thoughts to text you could argue that in time they could head in a similar direction. Do you think the military or politicians would leave this technology in a benevolent state? Would it become too great a temptation to use in their ultimate goal to build the ultimate soldier that would do their leader’s bidding? Is it in everybody’s interest to link our brains together to create the ultimate super computer?

These articles speak of the chasm yet to be crossed in this work. How can we get technology to accurately both understand and communicate with the brain and its inputs.

Below is a small good and bad table I’ve worked up as to whether this technology would ultimately be bad for us:

Understand the brain in fine detailUnderstand the brain in fine detail
No more need to lieLying is a safety feature of the human race
Influence behaviour to halt recidivismInfluence behaviour to remove free will
Cure ailments of the brainIs nature giving us these ailments as a way of telling us we need to die as part of the normal order of things
With no more lies comes the honest politicianCan politicians and leaders influence the voter?
Interacting directly with the Brain is the ultimate scientific goalShould we ever tamper with the brain?
We don’t need a private, unreadable spaceMore than anything we need a private, unreadable space for sanity’s sake


Have you noticed how circular the arguments are for this work on the brain? The one thing you can be sure of, the people who work on the brain are not like climbers who climb Everest ‘because it is there’, but because they are sure that this is a step that needs to be taken.

The one single question that needs to be asked is ‘should we go there?’ I believe it is certain that this question is being asked by these scientists. Whether you agree with their answer is the real point.

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